Symposia Wednesday October 14

Symposia WeS1
TDM of anti-microbials: What is the evidence?

van Weelde Zaal

Jan Willem Alfenaar/Johan Mouton (chairs)

The rationale behind TDM for antimicrobials Johan Mouton
The case of colistin: Why, When and How Lena Friberg
Looking into the future: routine TDM for beta-lactams in ICU Paul Tulkens

Symposia WeS2
Clinical toxicology and poison information

Jurriaanse Zaal

Frank Jansman/Donald Uges (chairs)

Does clinical toxicology have a future? Allister Vale
Poison information centers, toxicology (web)sources and clinical practice Frank Jansman
The European Drug Emergencies Network David Wood

Symposia WeS3
Implementing Pharmacogenetics

Willem Burger Zaal

Laure Elens/Mark Linder (chairs)

Cyp2D6 and the brain Roberto Viviani
Clinical implementation of PGx Maria Lisa Dahl
Health technology assessment of PGx Anke Hövels

Symposia WeS4
Pitfalls in analytical methods development HPLC-MS/MS

Schadee Zaal

Ross Norris/Peter Zweipfenning (chairs)

Deuterated substances? Ross Norris
Matrix effects/ion suppression in HPLC-MS/MS Wilfried Niessen
Matrix effects in development of a dried blood spot assay Remco Koster

Symposia WeS5
Personalized drug therapy in children

van Beuningen Zaal

Saskia de Wildt/Pierre Wallemacq (chairs)

TDM of antibiotics in preterm infants John van den Anker
Metabolomics to guide pediatric pharmacotherapy Steve Leeder
Pharmacogenetics of immunosuppressive drugs in children Sander Vinks

Symposia WeS6
TDM in Solid Tumors

Ruys/Rijckevorsel Zaal

Markus Joerger/Ron Mathijssen (chairs)

Personalized medicine in colorectal cancer Joseph Ciccolini
Interfering in sorafenib disposition by inhibiting OATP1B: A translational study Sander Bins
Single nucleotide polymorphisms, drug clearance and survival in ovarian cancer? Anna deFazio

Symposia WeS7
New strategies in microsampling (and analysis)

Jurriaanse Zaal

Christophe Stove (chair)

Clinical microdialysis for subcutaneous tissue sampling Margreke Brill
Volumetric absorptive microsampling Neil Spooner
Microfluidics-facilitated microsampling Olof Beck

Symposia WeS8
Immunocompromised host related infectious diseases

van Weelde Zaal

Johan Mouton (chair)

Neonatal and paediatric fungal infections Adilla Warris
Do we need models to predict drug behaviour? Michael Neely
TDM and dosing algorithms to optimize (val)ganciclovir treatment in transplant patients Anders Asberg

Symposia WeS9
Developments in paracetamol intoxications

Willem Burger Zaal

Eric Franssen/Denise McKeown (chairs)

General introduction to paracetamol intoxications Simon Thomas
When and how to treat chronic paracetamol overdoses Kees Kramers
Biomarkers for liver damage Nick Bateman

Symposia WeS10
PGx of pain

Ruys/Rijckevorsel Zaal

Michael Oellerich/Nicolas Picard (chairs)

PGx of pain treatment: a GWAS-approach Andrew Somogyi
PGx of pain treatment Laure Elens
PGx for pain treatment: latest results Massimo Allegri

Symposia WeS11
Pharmacometrics in transplantation patients

van Beuningen Zaal

Ron Mathot/Paula Schaiquevich (chairs)

PK-PD of immunosuppressives in pediatric organ transplantation Sander Vinks
PK-PD of immunosuppressives in adult organ transplantation Frank Saint Marcoux
Modelling of time to rejection Siv Jonsson

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