Symposia Tuesday October 13

Symposia TuS1
TDM of Everolimus

Ruys/Rijckevorsel Zaal

Dennis Hesselink/David Holt (chairs)

Everolimus target concentrations: how solid are they? Klemens Budde
Consensus document on TDM for everolimus Dennis Hesselink
Maria Shipkova
Sirolimus and Everolimus: Me-too or different drugs? Uwe Christians

Symposia TuS2
Dried blood spots in therapeutic drug monitoring

van Beuningen Zaal

Christoph Stove/Bram Wilhelm (chairs)

DBS for anti-microbial drugs Jan Willem Alffenaar
DBS for tamoxifen and endoxifen monitoring Nynke Jager
Need to know : if you want to start your own DBS program Brian Keevil

Symposia TuS3
New designer drugs

van Weelde Zaal

Marilyn Huestis/Hans Maurer (chairs)

Early detection of (synthetic) cannobinoids Marilyn Huestis
Toxicokinetics of Older and Novel Psychoactive Substances Hans Maurer
The emergence of novel synthetic stimulants based on non-cathinone chemical scaffolds Michael Baumann

Symposia TuS4
TDM for Biologicals

Willem Burger Zaal

Olof Beck/Teun van Gelder (chairs)

Potential applications for TDM of biologicals in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Janneke van der Woude
TDM for biologicals in Rheumatoid Arthritis GertJan Wolbink
Assay comparisons Annick de Vries

Symposia TuS5
Young Scientists

Jurriaanse Zaal

Denise McKeown/Markus Meyer (chairs)

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Principles and Challenges – Focus on Antibiotic use in Critically Ill Patients Reinier van Hest
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Neonates/Infants with Congenital Heart Disease Yuko Shimamoto
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Guidelines of JSTDM Takehito Yamamoto
The Basics of Pharmacogenetics and Toxicogenetics Nicolas Picard
Current Status of Clinical Toxicology in Japan Ryuji Kato
Are multi-analyte GC-MS and LC-MS/MS approaches with one-point calibration accurate enough for assessing the severity of acute poisonings? Julian Michely

Symposia TuS6
TDM in Hemato-oncology

Schadee Zaal

Jenny Martin/Erik van Maarseveen (chairs)

Personalizing Busulfan with TDM in paediatric and adult HCT patients Arief Lalmohamed
PK/PD of ATG: Is there a future for TDM of ATG in paediatric HSCT patients? Rick Admiraal
TDM in imatinib, unrealized potential? Nielka van Erp

Symposia TuS7
To monitor where no one has monitored before! Novel matrices for tacrolimus TDM

Ruys/Rijckevorsel Zaal

Uwe Christians/Philip Morgan (chairs)

Measuring free tacrolimus Erik van Maarseveen
Measuring intra-lymphocytic tacrolimus Pierre Wallemacq
Measuring intra-renal tacrolimus Bernedette Sallustio

Symposia TuS8
Anti bacterial drugs

van Weelde Zaal

Femke de Velde/Michael Neely (chairs)

Point prevalence PK studies and the relevance of TDM for beta-lactam antibiotics Jason Roberts
Focus on TDM of meropenem Veronique Stove
Dose-individualization for linezolid and other oxazolidinones Cattaneo Dario

Symposia TuS9
Alternative sampling strategies in toxicology

van Beuningen Zaal

Denise Mckeown/Katarina Rentsch (chairs)

Hair: new insights in drug testing Markus Baumgartner
Pros and Cons of screening oral fluids for drugs Marilyn Huestis
Meconium testing Birgit Koch

Symposia TuS10
To Genotype or not to Genotype?

Willem Burger Zaal

Yusuke Tanigawara/Eberhard Wieland (chairs)

Genotyping for coumarines: YES! Mark Linder
Genotyping for coumarines: NO! Ron van Schaik
Genotyping for tamoxifen:YES! Matthias Schwab
Genotyping for tamoxifen:NO! Teun van Gelder

Symposia TuS11
Pharmacodynamic modeling

Jurriaanse Zaal

Paula Schaiquevich/Reinier van Hest (chairs)

PD modelling in oncology Alwin Huitema
PD modelling of antibiotic agents Lena Friberg
PD modelling of sedatives and analgesics Dick Tibboel
PD modelling from a consultant’s point of view Eugene Cox

Symposia TuS12
Harmonisation of laboratory results

Schadee Zaal

William Clarke/Cees Neef (chairs)

Harmonisation of laboratory results Jones Graham
Drug libraries in clinical toxicology: potentials and limitations Daniela Remane
The calibration 2.000 project, towards harmonisation? Christa Cobbaert

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