Symposia Monday October 12

Symposia MoS1
TDM of Immunosuppressive Drugs

Ruys/Rijckevorsel Zaal

Klemens Budde/Maria Shipkova (chairs)

Azathioprine. A new look at an old drug Karen Robijns
TDM of belatacept Stein Bergan
Benefits, disadvantages and monitoring aspects of once-daily tacrolimus formulations Pierre Marquet

Symposia MoS2
When is TDM indicated?

Jurriaanse Zaal

Cees Neef/Daan Touw (chairs)

Psychoactive drugs Christoph Hiemke
Biological therapies in iBD Manuela Neuman
TDM in rheuma Bart van den Bemt

Symposia MoS3
Poverty related infectious diseases

Van Weelde Zaal

Jan Willem Alffenaar/Olof Beck (chairs)

TB-HIV pharmacological issues of a deadly combination Helen McIlleron
Malaria: pharmacokinetic considerations in the application of malaria drugs Kyle Wilby
TDM of HIV infection: now and in the future David Burger

Symposia MoS4
Alcohol and drugs of abuse: a deadly combination

Willem Burger Zaal

Vanessa Steenkamp/John van den Anker (chairs)

UPLC-HR/MS: Application of the Q-exactive orbitrap technology to comprehensive urine drug screening in a clinical laboratory setting Christiana Stefan
Alcohol and drugs of abuse: a deadly combination Manuela Neuman
Alcohol in children Nico van der Lely

Symposia MoS5
Physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling in special populations

Van Beuningen Zaal

Franck Saint-Marcoux/Paula Schaiquevich (chairs)

PBPK in children Feras Khalil
Pro and Cons of PBPK modelling application to obesity Catherijne Knibbe
Drug disposition and modelling in patients undergoing bariatric surgery Ina Gesquiere

Symposia MoS7
Biomarker, Immunosuppressive and Toxicology

Ruys/Rijckevorsel Zaal

Dario Cattaneo/Pierre Wallemacq (chairs)

cfDNA and immunosuppression Michael Oellerich
Profiling for rejection in transplant patients Nina Babel
Proteomics in transplant patients Pierre Marquet

Symposia MoS8
Anti TB drugs

Van Weelde Zaal

David Burger/Iain Macphee (chairs)

Development of new TB drugs: the use of in vitro systems and PK/PD modeling Charles Peloquin
Improving of old drugs for new bugs Rob Aarnoutse
Opportunities for TDM in the programmatic treatment of TB Jan-Willem Alffenaar

Symposia MoS9
Toxins and Adverse reactions

Schadee Zaal

Manuela Neuman/Vanessa Steenkamp (chairs)

Senecio-induced toxic reactions Vanessa Steenkamp
Biomarkers in alcohol use Amitava Dasgupta
Liver failure and mushrooms Herold Metselaar

Symposia MoS10
Translating Pharmacogenetics to clinical practice

Jurriaanse Zaal

Vincent Haufroid/Ron van Schaik (chairs)

What evidence do we need to implement PGx? Federico Innocenti
PGx in clinical practice Gwen Mcmillin
Dosing recommendations for 53 drugs Jesse Swen

Symposia MoS11
New developments in proficiency testing

Van Beuningen Zaal

David Holt/Daan Touw (chairs)

Proficiency testing of thiopurines Karen Robijns
Proficiency testing for immunosuppressive drugs: trends and future David Holt
What is your policy if proficiency testing is not available Manuela Neuman

Symposia MoS12
Introductory session “Best Practice: TDM in oncology”

Willem Burger Zaal

William Clarke/Yusuke Tanigawara (chairs)

Setting the scene – why TDM has not been developed in oncology Jennifer Martin
Where there is evidence Neeltje Steeghs
Where there needs to be evidence Ron Mathijssen
New methods for improving TDM in the oncology Ross Norris

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