Tibor Brunt

Brunt Tibor

Senior researcher, department of Drug Monitoring of the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Postdoctoral fellow, department Psychiatry, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Tibor Brunt is a PhD in psychopharmacology and behavioural sciences and works as principal investigator at the department of Drug Monitoring of the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction. He belongs to the senior research staff of the Drug Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) project. He is also affiliated as postdoctoral fellow with the department Psychiatry at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam. His primary research activities have been in the field of illicit drugs and addiction. The main goals of his research have been to better understand psychopharmacological and toxicological effects of illicit drugs and to aim at preventing associated risks by informing general public, professionals and policy makers.

Dr. Brunt has given several national and international presentations about his work, lectures at various Dutch universities on drug use and health effects and teaches accreditation courses for psychiatrist and medical practitioners. He has published over 30 scientific articles, book chapters and tutorials. His main focus is on the effects of drugs as they are used in the real-world situation, including street drugs and their adulterations, but also prescribed drugs and the way they are pharmacologically composed. Special focus within that area of research is on the potential hazardous effects of these substances, in terms of adverse effects, toxicology or addiction potential. He has been involved in several national and international experimental studies, combining behavioural measures with aspects of drug composition. His research has covered a broad range of common drugs of abuse, like MDMA, amphetamine or cocaine, but also a growing list of new psychoactive substances, like mephedrone, methoxetamine or 4-fluoroamphetamine.

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