Pre Congress – Session 3 – 1

Serious Gaming in life support

Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort-Schuit

Session Description

Training doctors and nurses for emergency situations is a vital part in medical education. Many intoxications are lethal and patients commonly present as acutely and seriously ill. Around the world the so-called ABCDE-approach is fast becoming the cornerstone of the care for the most severely ill patients. Whether trauma, non-trauma, adults, children, pre-hospital or in the emergency room, the principals are the same. The aim is to identify and treat any immediately life-threatening conditions with minimum delay and in a prioritised fashion. The mnemonic ABCDE defines the specific, ordered evaluations and interventions that should be followed: Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, and Exposure. To train doctors and nurses in this technique numerous training courses are available. However, these courses are expensive and time-consuming for teachers and students. Using latest online gaming technology and a physiological model of the human body, we created a new and innovative program online serious game to teach emergency skills to doctors and nurses according to the ABCDE-method: abcdeSIM. Doctors and nurses can now learn and practice these skills anywhere, anytime as long as a computer and Internet is available.

After attending this lecture the attendee should be able to:
• Understand how and why games such as abcdeSIM are used.
• Understand what serious games are currently available in medicine.
• Be inspired to perhaps build their own serious game.

In the Hands-on session the principles taught in session 1 will be used to treat an emergency patient live in the serious game abcdeSIM.

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