Pre Congress – Session 2 – 3

Novel Psychoactive Substances: Synthetic cannabinoids

Marilyn Huestis

Session Description

The quantity and chemical variation of synthetic cannabinoids is large and ever expanding, as production of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) continues to avoid drug scheduling legislation. The mechanisms of action and behavioral and physiological effects of synthetic cannabinoids will be presented. High resolution mass spectrometric methods for identifying unknown metabolites of new synthetic cannabinoids and for screening for the presence of synthetic cannabinoids were developed to provide laboratories with the best target analytes in urine to detect these NPS, and for commercial manufacturers to identify the most effective metabolites to synthesize.

Learning Objectives

1. the mechanisms of action of synthetic cannabinoids
2. the behavioral and physiological effects of synthetic cannabinoids
3. metabolism and target analytes for synthetic cannabinoids

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