Roundtables Monday

Roundtable MoR1 – Bram Wilhelm (chair)

Dried blood spots for TDM of immunosuppressive drugs

Roundtable MoR2 – Erik van Maarseveen (chair)

TDM of vancomycin beyond MRSA: other bacteria children and continious infusion

Roundtable MoR3 – Loralie Langman (chair)

Controversies in treatment of toxicological cases

Roundtable MoR4 – Mirte Malingré (chair)

The new ISO15189; A new set of regulations for all?

Roundtable MoR5 – Markus Baumgartner (chair)

What hair can tell

Roundtable MoR6 – Ferdy Sombogaard (chair)

Metavision: TDM of Vancomycin

Roundtable MoR7 – Birgit Koch (chair)

Meconium: waste or useful substance?

Roundtable MoR8 – Yuichi Ando (chair)

How to utilize the UGT1A1 genotype testing for individualized Irinotecan dosage

Roundtable MoR9 – Olof Beck (chair)

An industry perspective on new developments in microsampling

Roundtables Tuesday

Roundtable TuR1 – Daan Touw (chair)

TDM of teicoplanin: use(full/less)?

Roundtable TuR2 – Peter Zweipfenning (chair)

Use of pharmacogenetics in resolution of post-mortem cases

Roundtable TuR3 – Ross Norris (chair)

Preparation of in-house calibrators and controls

Roundtable TuR4 – Pawel Kunicki (chair)

Everolimus and Sirolimus: analytical aspects

Roundtable TuR5 – Ron van Schaik (chair)

Involving Psychiaters in Genotyping

Roundtable TuR6 – Michal Potucek (chair)

The New Edition of MWPharm

Roundtable TuR7 – Catherijne Knibbe (chair)

PKPD in clinical trials in children

Roundtable TuR8 – Salvatore Salamone (chair)

Challenges in implementing oncology TDM in practice: Cultural, pre-analytical and logistical issues

Roundtables Wednesday

Roundtable WeR1 – Nauras Shuker (chair)

High intra-patient variability in tacrolimus concentrations: which interventions?

Roundtable WeR2 – Christophe Stove (chair)

How to set up a good DBS study

Roundtable WeR3 – Markus Baumgartner/Michael Böttcher (chairs)

Alcohol detection in hair

Roundtable WeR4 – Jan Willem Alffenaar (chair)

TDM of antifungal agents

Roundtable WeR5 – Jesse Swen (chair)

Linking Genotype to Drug Dose

Roundtable WeR6 – Roger Jelliffe (chair)

Finding the next best dose

Roundtable WeR7 – Tomohiro Terada (chair)

Role of drug transporters on safety and pharmacokinetics of anticancer agents

Roundtable WeR8 – Paul Abu-Rabie (chair)

Automated dried blood spot analyzers

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