Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions Monday

Willem Burger Zaal
Eric Franssen/Loralie Langman (chairs)

8.45-9.20 Plenary Session MoP1

When and how to treat paracetamol overdoses Nick Bateman

9.20-9.50 Plenary Session MoP2

TDM for oncology: a new scientific committee Yusuke Tanigawara

Plenary Sessions Tuesday

Willem Burger Zaal
Saskia de Wildt (chair)

9.25-10.00 Plenary Session TuP2

Alcohol use in pregnant women and effects on the child Barbara Sibbles

Eric Franssen (chair)

17.30-18.15 Plenary Session TuP3

PET-imaging in drug development Adriaan Lammertsma

Plenary Sessions Wednesday

Willem Burger Zaal
Stein Bergan/Michael Neely (chairs)

8.45-9.20 Plenary Session WeP1

Problems in the treatment of infectious diseases and the need for individualization Roger Brüggemann

9.20-9.50 Plenary Session WeP2

A survey on laboratory practice around the world Uwe Christians

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